About DiningEdge Technology

DiningEdge Technology (DET) is a user friendly Internet-based restaurant inventory software that has been developed for establishments that specialize in providing food and beverage for their patrons. It can be used in restaurants, bars, country clubs, catering , schools, Casino’s, Hotels and any other location where purchasing food is an operational task, from small to multi-unit chains. DET offers much more than a Purchasing platform, we offer you a complete suite and opportunities for your business. We will help you cut costs, control, streamline and organize your complete business, this we guarantee.

OrderEdge: With one click of a button you will compare all your Purveyors prices, using “Apples to Apples” technology and therefore showing the best price item at that time, no data entry or work required by you thru vendor EDI or via email. Press Submit and all your Purveyors receive your orders instantaneously. You will keep all of the same vendors and sales representatives.

Remember you can choose from including propriety items, quality first, price second. Your items, your purveyors. DET will help you place orders efficiently and electronically. No more phone calls, messages and disrupting the flow of business. We also help you to strengthen relationships with vendors by giving them an opportunity to provide pricing on all of your items and gain a larger share of your ordering. RebateEdge: We will get you direct Manufacturer Rebates with transparency, showing each item and what the rebate amount is, still keeping the rebates you get from your Purveyors. ScheduleEdge: We have developed a complete restaurant inventory software and scheduling software for your front and backend of the restaurant. InventEdge and MenuEdge: This offers you a complete Inventory control, Menu Costing and Analysis for your location(s), and Video and Picture Menu availability. Requisition to move Transfers and Requisitions inventory from one location to another allowing tracking of inventory and accountability of staff. AccountEdge: Offers you full integration capabilities directly with your accounting staff and software, for GL codes, Payables and Receivables.

Internet Based Restaurant Inventory Software

DiningEdge Technology believes that as consumers we don’t buy anything without knowing the price first. We like to compare prices, quality, and service whenever possible. For example, the airline and car rental industries allow for online price comparisons, giving us the upper hand in a competitive market. Why not in the food and beverage industry? Why don’t food service professionals have a tool to ensure they are sourcing quality products at the best price…every time? DET is the only internet-based software that allows buyers in our industry the opportunity to easily compare and save with the use of any web-based device with the click of a button, no data entry from you.

Comparing all your food, paper, produce and chemicals each week was virtually impossible before DET. The technology has simply not been available. The industry is controlled by our vendors and their strategic placement of information, often keeping the business owner in a state of confusion or uncertainty. After ten years of persistence and a team of extremely dedicated people, DET is able to do this with accuracy by using highly sophisticated technology and patent pending algorithms.

With all the comprehensive programs DET offers, this will allow you to have full control of your business from A to Z.

DET allows any purchasing agent to manage their ordering from anywhere in the world. Our system is so precise that it breaks down each product to the lowest unit of measure.

Call us to help and advise you on one or all of our programs.