order_edgeDiningEdge Technology (DET) has used and developed the most up to date technology available. DET new “Prime” technology is designed for the restaurant and food industry in particular, it is so advanced it even remembers the items you use and the names you choose to use, such as Squid instead of Calamari.

With a few clicks on your PC, tablet or smartphone, DET clients can walk through their ordering process and submit all orders directly to their purveyors. Can compare live up to date prices, replace discontinued items, automatically find the correct comparable products, have full reports and a lot more. A quick 3 minute demo can take you through what DET offers.

DET provides a technology platform for restaurants and suppliers to connect more efficiently to their ordering process. The DET mobile ordering platform provides a drastic difference in the way restaurants manage their food and supplies, saving time, and providing valuable data insights.

Keep in mind these are your chosen purveyors, products and quality.