Price Comparison Management Software

Soaring Food Costs And Profits In Food Sector Are No More Poles Apart…

DiningEdge Technology, USA, is a unified cloud based platform to cater to price comparison of stock offered by different purveyors. The software specializes in offering the ease of back office management and food ordering with stock management for medium to large scale entities with decent turnovers in the food sector. DET focuses to ease B2B bulk orders of food and beverages for businesses that have decent turnover.

DiningEdge Gives You A Baseline For Best Possible Prices…So, You Can

Stop Running after Vendors to chase order status: DiningEdge Technology’s vendor price comparison software facilitates unbiased price comparison as it has easy access to database of different purveyors owing to Cloud based technology. So, you never face stock shortage nor have to pay more to get the freshest ingredients.

Become A Savvy Educated Shopper: Online purveyor price comparison for restaurants reduces errors and saves time as DiningEdge Technology provides a revolutionary platform for suppliers to connect more efficiently and automates all the ordering processes.

DiningEdge Technology Notifies You If A Two-For-One Is A Deal Or Just A Misleading Advertisement

Along with eliminating the fear of over spending on bulk orders, DiningEdge Technology notifies you in real time with all the live offers, rebates, discounts that all the purveyors are offering. This leds to alertness and correct decision making while opting purveyors for bulk orders. DET is such a ground breaking technology with cloud based platform that ensures that you can decide what and when to buy with vendors’ current updates. This is possible with comparing vendor prices for restaurants that helps you to rationally evaluate all the different alternatives. Not only quantity, but quality comes into the picture to allow you to make the correct decision while ordering in bulk.